Current Collections and Collaborations

The experience of travel brings new friends and new finds. I was recently in Havana where I met some very cool market traders, art collectors and artists, and in all honesty I want to help them make some money. I bought some of these posters to bring home and after sharing my finds on Face Book friends asked me to bring some back for them.
I am keen to raise awareness of extremely talented artists who have something to say about post Castro Cuba.
I have decided to set up a not for profit business, where 80% of the sale goes direct to the artist or seller of the print or poster that I bring back. So you should be assured that along with getting some very cool and original art work the person who has created this will get the western market value which will make a significant improvement to their life in Cuba.

These are the prints that I am selling on behalf of Augustin H Carlos. You can find out more about him on his FB page here and check out his dossier here

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