Coronavirus in Cuba. An artists creative response to the coronavirus crisis

I loved it when Augustin sent me his recent work, the Olympics poster particularly moved me. This is a unique time  in our history, we are living it. 

My enthusiasm for selling Agustin’s work is even greater than before. For many of us comfortable enough to get through lock down in homes with running water and other resources that we take for granted remember that not everyone in our world has this luxury.

I know that in our own country things are less than perfect and to be honest sales are not important but if we can loosen our grip of resistance, (lock down in mind as well as our reality)  during  this time we will feel more movement and the ebb and flow and rhythm of being will keep its dance. Therefore my invitation is to look outwards and know that you are  part of a story that will be looked back on. We are creating history, at sometime in the future this artwork may have some meaning for you and be relevant, if not today.

I am taking orders for Agustin’s work, he cannot print them just yet, lock down and social distancing apples there as it does here. But by ordering and pre paying, even a small deposit for the posters you are enabling them to be printed and sent over here. It will take time but we are all in the together. 

Augustin receives 80% of our payment direct into his bank account, the remainder goes towards the costs of getting them here and then out to you. 

I would love to hear from gallery’s who are interested in showing his work.

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