So there I was standing out side Under Cover Records next to Streatham Hill Station, SW London. I live in the area but never walk past this shop, I see it when I sit in traffic but if I do walk past it is always on the other side of the street. I was hanging around waiting for my niece, she is the daughter of my late brother Guy, who sadly passed away several years ago. I saw this album by Freddie Mercury in the window and it made me smile as my brother was one of those bad guy types.

As I was taking a photo to share with my niece the man in the shop called me in. I told him the reason that I had taken the photo and he said “I am reading you”. Ok me thinks, and I just stand there whilst this mirrored my thoughts and conversations that I had had over the previous 24 hours. WTF, yep, kind of woo woo. But I do not want to make light of this because it is something real in the unreal and sometimes its useful to have that mirror held up in front of you and see yourself as others see you.

The record shop man / shaman, said he plays a record and sees who hears the music feels the vibe and connects with the shop.

As a 1970’s kid I was reminded of a TV program called Mr Ben, an animated program about a man who goes into a fancy dress shop, changes character and has an experience.

Well I invite you to try this for yourself, I doubt that I imagined this, you might not have the same experience, but if you like vinyl then your curiosity could be, at best satisfied.

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