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I spent a few days in Brooklyn, NY with my 18-year-old son. I have wanted hang out here for a while, soak up the vibe and find some new shops and inspiration. Brooklyn its self is not dissimilar to where we live in SW London, just a lot bigger and more sprawling. My son Rafe is a thrift king and can spot a 90’s sportswear from a distance. He is also a graffiti artist so although I appreciate the  difference in street art and  tags I have to say the street art is mighty impressive but I was also impressed with Rafe’s ability to read the  language of the street through graffiti.

Cool finds started with Mr Throwback, 428 East 9th Street. This was a last stop and the end of a long afternoon of sourcing and following a morning at MOMA. Somewhat  wearily eyed and tired legs I flopped in  chair whilst Rafe got to know the guy in the shop. Quite a chip off the old block if I say so myself. Mr Throw back sells sports jackets from the 80’s and 90’s. American sport jackets and hats. What I loved was that they have re-styled garments in their own name and now have their own range of clothes inspired by the era. Bright colour blocked joggers and jackets which are a lot of fun and stylish. Rafe is posting pictures on instagram of himself wearing Mr Throwback tee shirts here in London to spread their word and intern they can see his fabulous art work. The collaborations that come from connections are what inspires me to blog and just get out there and do what you love. The ability to share is great.

My favourite find has to be Legacy, 109 Thompson street. I would have loved to stay all day chatting to the owner about London fashion and collecting.  It was here that  I was reintroduced to Antoni and Alison, London design due whom I bought from the they first launched and regret not keeping their funky slogan tee shirts from the late 80’s. I expect I wore mine to shreds.

Another great find and the best vintage shop without a doubt is L-train vintage. We enjoyed a  good hour or so in here and got the best value for our money here with old school retro sweat shirts, dungarees and Adidas track suit tops  and funky printed shirts





Staying warm for winter in these new finds from across the Atlantic. Always fun.



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